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PACEY membershipPACEY is the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years. A standard-setting organisation, we promote best practice and support childcare professionals to deliver high standards of care and learning.

Since 1977 we have provided high quality support to our members and have worked with government, local authorities and others to raise standards.

PACEY supports its members to grow their own professionalism and to be part of a sector-wide organisation representing their views and experiences.

Together with our members – childminders, nannies and nursery workers - we are working to become the professional association for everyone in childcare and early years and ensure our members are recognised for the vital role they play in helping children get the best start in life.


Our mission is to enable all our members to achieve the highest standards of care and learning for children and together build recognition of their professionalism.

PACEY's approach

As a professional association, we achieve our vision and mission by:

  • Working in partnership with our members to establish and maintain the highest standards for their profession.
  • Supporting our members to meet those standards through learning, information and advice.
  • Enabling our members to belong to a community of professionals, sharing ideas and experiences with each other.
  • Representing our members and ensure their work is recognised.
  • Continually improving our organisation, to achieve the highest standards of service delivery.

Treating customers fairly

PACEY is committed to treating all its customers fairly. We work hard to ensure:

  • the fair treatment of customers is central to our culture
  • our products and services are designed to meet your needs
  • we provide you with clear information and keep you appropriately informed before, during and after the point of sale
  • we provide advice which is suitable and takes account of your individual circumstances
  • our products and services are of good quality and meet your expectations
  • we respect your statutory rights and provide clear refund and cancellation policies
  • we make it easy for you to submit a claim or make a complaint.

PACEY's values

PACEY's values guide all its staff and volunteers in how they make decisions about the work they do to support children, families, registered childminders, nannies and nursery workers.

  • Expert - by using latest evidence and best practice, we provide members with knowledge and information to deliver high standards of care and learning to children and promote members' views and experience to decision makers.
  • Supportive - by providing quality services we empower our members to grow their own professionalism and provide each other with peer support.
  • Accountable - by involving our members in developing our policies and plans and being open about the decisions we reach, we engage members in shaping their association.

PACEY's Professional Standards

All members of PACEY sign up to our Professional Standards and agree to undertake at least 15 hours of continuous professional development (CPD) each year. This commitment supports them to progress up these standards and to demonstrate their professionalism to others.

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