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Become a registered nanny

Unlike registered childminders (who tend to be self-employed and work in their own homes), nannies do not have to be registered or inspected. PACEY recommends however that nannies join the Ofsted Childcare Register or, in Wales, the Childcare At Home Approval Scheme Wales.

Being registered like this helps you demonstrate to parents your commitment to the care of their children to the highest possible standards. It also allows parents to gain access to government support in helping them pay for their childcare.

However, you can still become a member of PACEY without registering with Ofsted or the Childcare At Home Approval Scheme.

PACEY support

PACEY can offer you support and guidance as a nanny. Join PACEY as a professional nanny and take advantage of a range of offers. Find out more of the benefits of being a Nanny member of PACEY.

4-step process

PACEY's 4-step process to becoming a registered nanny will give you all the information you need. Find out more here.

Registering with Ofsted or the Childcare At Home Approval Scheme

If you're on or are joining the voluntary part of the Ofsted Childcare Register (in England) or the Childcare at Home Approval Scheme (in Wales), become an PACEY Nanny now at a fantastic price. Membership and nanny insurance for registered nannies is just £67.54.

Four steps to registration and PACEY membership

Step 1

Complete your introductory childcare training course and an accredited 12-hour paediatric first-aid course*.

Step 2

Join PACEY for both membership and insurance - only £67.54.

Step 3

Apply to Ofsted (in England) or CSSIW (in Wales) to join the register - because you've joined PACEY you can tick the declaration on the application form saying that you hold public liability insurance.

Step 4

Let us know your registration number within 90 days so we can validate your insurance.

Benefits of registration

More and more nannies are choosing to join the voluntary part of the Ofsted register or become registered with Childcare At Home Approval Scheme in Wales. It shows professionalism, a commitment to development and a high standard of care in your field. In short, it's a great way to show your prospective employers that you're dedicated to professionalism. Plus, if you're a registered nanny, your employers may be able to claim tax relief on their childcare costs.

Benefits of PACEY membership

As an PACEY nanny you'll have access to a range of benefits. Discover them here!

*Check with your local authority that the courses you choose are recognised by them.


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