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NCMA responds to Mumsnet Chat

NCMA believes in individual inspection and our campaign continues to support the best interests of all our members who, as we do, believe in individually registered childminders.

The overwhelming majority of our members are not supportive of the agency proposal and, even though it is now only an optional way to register and operate as a childminder, we believe it still risks undermining parental confidence and will create a two tiered system for childminders to operate in. This will lead to parental confusion and a loss of professional recognition for childminders.

We also do not see it as an effective model to raise the quality of individual childminder practice and that the focus should remain on requiring individual childminders to meet minimum standards and to be supported to take individual responsibility to continuously improve.

Some of you may have seen the live webchat with Liz Truss which took place on Mumsnet earlier today in which she stated that, prior to announcing the Government’s proposals on childcare this week – in particular related to the creation of an agency model – she consulted with ‘lots and lots’ of childcare providers and professional bodies, including NCMA.

We fully support individual inspection not the development of childminder agencies and it is important to remember that we reiterate this at every opportunity we have to the government, policy makers and key decision makers.

NCMA will be expanding on this statement in the coming days and will of course be sharing this response as widely as possible.

Please see NCMA Local for a further statement from NCMA’s Joint Chief Executive.




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