The Common Inspection Framework

If you’re a registered childcare professional in England, things have changed recently.

Since 1 September 2015, your inspection framework has been revamped. Ofsted has introduced a “Common Inspection Framework”, meaning that early years providers are inspected in a similar way to all other registered people and settings – from schools to further education colleges.

Ofsted has introduced this Common Inspection Framework to improve the consistency of inspections and the language used in the reports. All settings, from nurseries and childminders to technical colleges will be judged on the same criteria:

  • Overall effectiveness
  • Effectiveness of leadership and management
  • Quality of teaching, learning and assessment
  • Personal development, behaviour and welfare
  • Outcomes for children and learners
  • The effectiveness of early years and sixth form provision, where applicable

The idea is that parents in particular will find it easier to understand the reports that are being created and what it means for them and for their children.

In this video from Ofsted, Matthew Purves, Head of Education Inspection, explains what the new framework will mean.

And this video, from Ofsted’s Nick Hudson, formerly Director of Early Education talks how the move from the “meeting the needs” judgement to one about teaching which will be key to inspection.

Learn more about the Common Inspection Framework with our book and by taking part in our interactive webinar here.

British values and the Prevent Duty

British values are a set of four values introduced to help keep children safe and promote their welfare – as is the duty of all providers following the EYFS; specifically to counter extremism. The four values, democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs, are embedded in the EYFS and the work of the setting. Discover more about British values and the Prevent Duty here.

Changes to documents and publications

Ofsted has published updated documents and guidance for registered professionals.

Resources for you

Here at PACEY, we have a range of resources, information, training and products to help you use the new framework and also to understand the new requirement to ensure British values are embedded through your practice.

British values and the EYFS - this downloadable poster will help you visualise how to embed British values in your setting and demonstrates how they underpin all of the EYFS. 

Written by an Ofsted inspector, Common Inspection Framework, British values and you explains how inspection procedures in childcare settings have changed and includes a free poster showing how British values are integral to the EYFS. 

The Common Inspection Framework: what it means for you - discover what the new Common Inspection Framework really means for you from Registered Childminder, PACEY Associate and Fellow-Ambassador member Andrea Turner.

Fundamental British Values in the Early Years - what does it really mean in practice? Cut the confusion and find out in this jargon-free, must-read blog written by childminder and PACEY Associate Andrea, full of super useful examples and ideas for your setting