Login help

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First-time login process (for members with an active membership plan)

Enter your PACEY membership number and initial password.

  • If you joined over the phone, the initial password is your postcode.
  • If you joined online, use the password you chose at the time.

If you entered your postcode

  • Enter and confirm a new password.
  • Enter and/or confirm your email address (if applicable).
  • Check your email inbox for an authentication email from PACEY. If it's not in your inbox, check your junkmail folder.
  • Click on the link in the authentication email. This will return you to the MyPACEY login page.
  • Re-enter your membership number and new password to open MyPACEY.


Check that the details you have entered are correct. Your password is case sensitive, so check that the caps lock and number lock are not on.

You can find your membership number* in the following places:

  • renewal paperwork and emails
  • your membership card
  • your membership or insurance certificate
  • PACEY correspondence
  • Childcare Professional cover sheet

If we already hold an email address for you, you will be asked to confirm it by re-entering it. If the email address you enter does not match our records, you will need to contact PACEY to update your details.

If you can't find the authentication email from PACEY, please check your junk mail folder or deleted items. Adding info@pacey.org.uk to your address book or safe senders list will make sure that you always receive emails from us.

If you still cannot find the authentication email, log in using your membership number and your new password. The address to which your authentication email has been sent will be displayed. If the address is correct, please select the option to resend the authentication email. If the email address is incorrect, please contact PACEY to update your details.

Forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password, you can use the "forgotten password" link to request a password reset email. Please note, this cannot be used during the initial login process. You must use your postcode (if you joined on the phone) or your chosen password as the initial password for the first-time login process.

Logging in with an email address

If you've previously bought products from us or registered for our forums, you may have been able to log in with an email address. When you join PACEY you'll need to log into MyPACEY using your new membership number so we can authenticate your account.