How to use the forum

Hello and welcome to the PACEY Local forum! We’ve put together a basic guide to make sure everything is super-clear and easy for you to start chatting on our online forum.

Accessing the forum 

Members are given exclusive access to all our forums and Volunteer facilitators have access to the volunteers’ forum too.If you’re a PACEY member, a non-member who has used PACEY Local in the past, or have recently brought something from the PACEY shop, you can use our forum.

First things first; make sure you’re logged in or signed up. You can do this by clicking here and entering your membership number, username or email address and password.

You can also log-in by clicking the top link of the website that says Log-in to MyPACEY. If you’re a member of PACEY, whenever you’re logged in to MyPACEY, you’re also logged in to the forum.

If you don’t already have an account, you can join the PACEY Local online forum for free to engage with other childcare professionals, share ideas and join discussions.

If you’d like to join PACEY as a member and take advantage of all our brilliant benefits you can do so here.

Lastly, before you get started, make sure you’re aware of the rules and guidelines – helping us keep the forum a safe, friendly and fun place to be!

My account page

Now you have access to the forum you’ll see your account page. Here you can edit your details if you wish and navigate your way to the forum homepage but clicking 'Go to the PACEY Local Forum'. If you ever get a bit lost simply click the PACEY Local link in the top right of your screen. 

PACEY Local forum homepage

Once on the PACEY Local forum homepage you’ll see our latest threads (a list of the most recent discussion across the PACEY Local forum you have access to.)

Click on the link to take you to the forum thread, read and join in if you like.

You’ll see the PACEY Local forum is split into a number of different forum topic areas. You can jump to these topic areas by clicking on the listing on the left (if using a PC or wider tablet screen) or the coloured panels as you scroll down.

Each of these topic areas are home to a number of forum discussions called ‘threads’ these are listed and show who has created the thread, how many posts there are and how many views it has received. Click the pink title link to read the thread and reply.

Creating a post

If you’d like to create a brand new forum thread within the topic area of the forum you’re in. e.g Creative ideas you can simply click the pink link ‘new thread’ in the top left of the thread listing and start your discussion. 

First, choose a subject for your thread post.

Where it says post you can type your forum post. The text editor allows you to

  • Bold the text
  • Italicise the text
  • Link to a webpage
  • Quote
  • Create numbered points
  • Create bullet points
  • Change the user heading styles

The symbol to allow you to embed images directly into your forum posts from the text editor has now been removed due to technical issues. However, you're now able to attach images to your posts using the Attach file tick box (please see below).

Preview allows you to see your forum thread post before it goes live.

Ok makes your post live in the forum

Attaching images and documents

If you want to attach an image or a document e.g. JPEG, Word document or PDF you can do so by ticking the Attach file and then clicking the OK button.

When you click OK you will be taken to the uploading screen:

Click the Choose File button and select an image or document to upload.

Once you select an image or file you will see it appear next to the box. Now click the yellow Upload button.

It will then be attached and you will see the above table. If you'd like to attach more than one image or file to your forum post you can do this by repeating the above steps.

Once you're happy and see the image/images or files you uploaded in pink writing like this you can click the yellow Back button. This will post your forum post and return you to the forum thread. Scroll down to see your published post:


Images will appear as thumbnails that are clickable at the bottom of your post. 

Subscribing to posts

The subscribe to post box will be automatically checked – this means you will receive emails whenever anyone replies. You can manage your subscriptions in your profile.

Delete/Edit a post


Once you’ve posted in the PACEY Local forum you’ll also have access to editing and deleting your own posts.

Writing a reply

Seen a discussion in the forum that you want to contribute to? Join in by clicking the reply link at the bottom right of the post. From here you will be able to write your comment or post in the editor and press OK to submit.





Using the ‘your region’ topic area

This is the area where you can find out about event, groups, meet-ups and more going in near you. Your local facilitator will list their meetings and you can chat directly to them here.

Can’t find something going on near you? Talk to the PACEY Local team:

Using the Volunteers’ area and Volunteers’ forum

If you’re a PACEY Local volunteer facilitator you will have exclusive access to the volunteers’ area. From here you can navigate to the forum group just for volunteers to chat and also access important documents to aid you in your role.


Got feedback, a problem, or just want to contact us? You can email or call us on 0300 003 0005. Whether you’re having a technical issue trying to post in the forum, you have a question you don’t know the answer to, or just want some help finding your way around, we’re here to help.