Rules and guidelines

The PACEY Local Community is an online forum through which childcare professionals can share experiences and encourage others.

By signing up to be a member of the PACEY Local Community you agree to abide by these rules in addition to PACEY’s general website terms and conditions and privacy policy. We may update these documents from time to time and any updated versions will be effective as soon as they are published on the relevant website(s).

Read the forum rules here.

PACEY forum guidelines

Be respectful to others

  • Never use rude, abusive, obscene or discriminatory language.
  • Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to someone’s face.
  • Allow people to express their own opinions.
  • Remember that all members of the community are professionals whose reputation is key to the success of their business – don’t make personal or derogatory comments.
  • Remember that Facilitators and Online Champions are volunteers who are giving their time freely to ensure PACEY Local is a successful, safe and harmonious environment - please treat them accordingly.

Think before you post

  • Read through your post or comment before submitting it to check that it makes sense, is polite, and is clear and easy for others to understand.
  • If you’re upset or angry, consider not posting straight away – take a few minutes to calm down and think about what you really want to say.
  • When responding to other people’s posts or comments, make sure you’ve read them carefully to avoid jumping to conclusions – it’s easy to misunderstand the ‘intent’ of online comment.
  • Don’t dominate discussions by making multiple posts or comments in the same thread. If you’ve posted something and you realise later you made a mistake or had something else you wanted to say on the topic, you can edit your post or comment.


  • Use CAPITALS and exclamation marks sparingly. Using capital letters and excessive exclamation marks in posts is considered to be shouting and may make your post seem rude and aggressive. Posts in all capitals can also be difficult to read.

Don’t advertise

  • Sharing information about relevant products or services you’ve found useful is fine, but please don’t post advertisements for products or services in forums.
  • The most appropriate place to post information about local businesses and services is in the Business Links section of your Local Group. Ask your local Facilitator for help with this.
  • Posting about items for sale, wanted or to give away is acceptable but only in the ‘General Discussion’ forum.

Don’t pass off other people’s work as your own

  • Only post content that you have written yourself. If you would like to share the work of another person that may be relevant, be sure to only use a short excerpt of the material and acknowledge the person who wrote it, and where possible link to the original source.

Keep it relevant

  • Post in the right place – makes it easy to find posts. Read the description at the top of the forums.

Respect confidentiality

  • PACEY Local is an area where you can share information among your peers in the knowledge that it will be confidential. Please bear this in mind and don’t share content from the site with third parties.
  • You must not impersonate any other user of the website or do anything to assist an unregistered user to gain access to content on PACEY Local

Protect your personal details

  • Don't post your contact details such as home address or telephone number on the forums.
  • Be cautious about sharing personal details or contact details with other users who you do not know personally, even in private messages.
  • Never share your password with anyone else.

Abide by the Terms and Conditions

  • These terms and conditions set out your legal obligations and you agreed to them when you accessed the Website. Make sure you know what they are.

Report abuse to moderators

  • Please report any abuse or unacceptable behaviour to one of the Online Champions, Facilitators or the Community Manager. Don’t try to tackle it yourself as arguments on the forum can be upsetting to others.
  • The Terms and Conditions explain what will happen if PACEY considers a post to be abusive or inappropriate.

Please let us know if you see any content which does not comply with these terms and conditions by contacting us.