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Our latest issue: Being your best self

In this issue we have a focus on boosting your confidence and knowing your self worth, as well as thinking about men in childcare, exploring being more green and thinking about gender steretypes.

Other features include:
  • Being your best self - Confidence is vital for childcare professionals to manage stressful situations, maintain relations with parents and keep children happy and healthy. We talk about how you can boost yours.
  • One-to-one with Jane Comeau - As she comes to the end of her six-year term as Chair of PACEY, we speak to Jane Comeau to find out what have been the greatest challenges and the greatest successes.
  • Threadworm - A taboo subject that is common in young children. We look at the signs and symptons, and how you can prevent them.
  • A need for change - In the third part of our series tackling difficult subjects, we look to explore female genital mutilation (FGM), which is still frighteningly prevalent across the world. 
  • Diary - Our popular planner is back, refreshed and full of exciting events and celebrations that you can pull out and use in your setting. 

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