Factsheets, practice guides and videos are key benefits of your PACEY membership. Covering all manner of topics and subjects, there'll be something to help you find the answers you need.

Knowing you've got support and somewhere to turn for extra information and help is key. Log into MyPACEY for hundreds of resources to do just that. We've got factsheets, practice guides and videos covering all areas of your business and role.

These resources are all sorted and categorised by our Professional Standards. So if you need hints on how to support a particular child with toilet training, look in Children first> Child development> Areas of learning and development to find our toilet training video.

Children first covers: child development; safeguarding; transitions; and inclusion.

Enabling environments looks at: creating a safe and welcoming environment; partnership with parents; and working with others.

My professional role looks at: reflective practice; and continuous professional development (CPD).

Childcare business covers: regulation and legislation; running a childare business; and sample policies.