Childminding/Nanny insurance

We know how important it is to you to feel protected. With a range of tailored insurances, designed especially for PACEY members, you can be sure that you, your business, and the children you care for are covered.

Key information at a glance

  • PLI policy covers one childminder and up to two assistants/students. If there are more staff, further cover can be arranged.
  • If you are a Limited Company, or are registered as Childcare on Domestic premises, please call us on 0300 003 0005 so we can make sure you are adequately covered under your policy.
  • If you employ assistants, or have students or volunteers at your setting, you will need Employer's Liability Insurance. If you pay them more than £120 per week you will need to provide your ERN/PAYE reference.
  • PACEY professional indemnity covers up to a maximum claim of £100,000, and further top-ups are available. Local authority requirements differ, so please check the level of cover required in your area, especially if you are providing funded places. 

Public liability insurance

It is a legal requirement for childcare professionals to have appropriate public liability insurance covering them in their work with children. PACEY's public liability insurance is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc and is only available to PACEY members*.

Each year, PACEY works with the insurance providers to make sure that the policy options we offer continue to meet members' needs. We take into account the claims made, questions asked, and any regulatory changes in the sector. Read the policy summary and full policy wording.

PACEY's public liability insurance cover has a standard limit of indemnity of £10,000,000.  

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance is included in PACEY's PLI policy, free of charge. Our standard Professional Indemnity Insurance limit is £100,000. If you require a higher limit we can arrange a top-up policy to ensure that your setting has the right cover. £250,000 limit costs £32.48. Always check the requirements of your local authority early years team.

Please call our Membership Services team on 0300 003 0005 for more details.

Read the FAQs here.

Employer's Liability Insurance

If you employ an assistant or another childminder, by law, you need to hold employer's liability insurance and display an employer's liability certificate. You will also need one if a student or volunteer is going to be working with you.

PACEY public liability insurance already includes employer's liability insurance as standard, to a limit of £10,000,000. It covers up to three people (staff, students, or volunteers) including the policy holder, with a standard limit of indemnity £10,000,000. We can cover more staff for a modest extra fee.

Call us on 0300 003 0005 to arrange an extension.

ELI things to note

When purchasing employer's liability insurance, if you pay any individual employee more than £120 per week, you are required to provide the Employer Reference Number (ERN - also commonly referred to as the "Employer PAYE Reference"). This can be found on your yellow PAYE payment booklet (P30BC), or on the electronic PAYE reminders that HMRC sends you each year.
If you do not pay your employees over the threshold, you are exempt from supplying this number. You are also exempt if you are based in Jersey or Guernsey. You must, however, keep payroll records.
If these circumstances change, you should inform us by emailing, or calling us on 0300 003 0005. Failure to do so may invalidate your employer's liability insurance in the event of a claim.

Childcare on domestic premises

If you work with three or more other people, you'll need to read the information in MyPACEY about registering as a childcare provider on domestic premises. Call us on 0300 003 0005 for more information about topping up your ELI cover.

Need more information?

For more information about any of PACEY's insurance offers, including childminding insurance or to activate your ELI, call the PACEY membership team on 0300 003 0005.

If you need to make a claim against your PLI, please complete this form in the first instance.

You can print your PLI certificate from within MyPACEY once you've logged in.

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*and registered childminders in Scotland who are members of SCMA.
PACEY is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. No. 310339.