Not your regular home insurance

Are you looking for a home insurance policy? HomeMinder insurance policy is designed specifically for those delivering childcare and/or learning from their home.

The experts at Childcare Insurance Services (CIS) Ltd. understand that your home is also your place of work and your needs and requirements are different. They have developed a policy that provides you with a cover to suit your needs.

Why CIS Home insurance?

  • Full accidental damage cover, for accidental damage to your buildings and contents by the children whilst you are working
  • Business equipment cover up to a maximum of £500
  • An optional Home Emergency policy that covers your pipes, plumbing, drainage, heating and hot water so that your home and place of work can be protected against emergencies.

To receive a no obligation quote simply visit the Childcare Insurance Services website to complete their online quote form.

Alternatively, call 0330 058 9860 to speak to a member of the CIS team over the phone.

The home insurance policy is designed for those working as

  • Childminder
  • Childcare on domestic premises
  • Home-based tutor/instructor/teacher

HomeMinder FAQs

I’m a childminder looking after other people’s children in my own home as my job. Does this affect anything in this policy?

This policy is designed specifically for childminders and includes business use unlike some home insurers who may be unwilling to offer cover to childminders due to additional risks e.g. more people in your home increasing the possibility of accidental damage. It is important to check how many children any insurer allows to be minded at one time.

If a childminded child accidentally causes damage to my property, for example, by damaging my TV or carpet, am I covered?

If the specific risk is covered under the policy, which you can find details of on our website, then it will be covered if damaged by a minded child. We have worked with a range of insurers to make this optional cover available for our clients, but it isn’t included as standard with all insurers so you should always check that any policy meets your specific needs before purchasing.

How should I calculate the value of my contents?

You need to consider all your possessions, not just the more valuable items that might be taken in a burglary. Some contents are unlikely to be stolen but could be destroyed by fire or flood damage.  You will need to include curtains and carpets as these are usually covered by your contents insurance, rather than buildings insurance.

The only things you don’t need to include is anything that’s secured in place to the walls or floor, such as fitted wardrobes, the kitchen and bathroom suites.

I have a childminding assistant working with me in my home. Am I covered if they damage my contents or possessions?

If you opt for extended accidental damage cover, and the specific risk is included, then this would be covered under our HomeMinder policy. This isn’t a standard cover offered by all insurers. The optional cover is designed for damage accidentally caused by the children, yourself or your assistant whilst minding.

Does my home insurance cover me if a minded child is injured when they’re with me?

No. This would need to be covered under your public liability policy, which is a required cover if you are a registered childminder. An important requirement for specified by insurers for your HomeMinder policy to be valid is that a public liability policy must be in place.

Does my home insurance cover my childminding assistant’s possessions while they’re working with me?

No. As they are not the policyholder their personal possessions should be covered on their own home insurance policy if required.