Legal support

The legal support available to members offers you specialist advice on a range of business and personal issues.

Childminder and nanny members

Legal advice 
While we hope you never need to call on our legal experts and protection, it’s good to know that there is legal support always available. If you need any legal support relating to your business, then give the confidential legal advice helpline a call. Advice covers professional and business-related legal matters, such as contract disputes, debt recovery as well as tax advice. You will be able to talk to an experienced and qualified specialist.

Members can access these helplines and support in MyPACEY

Counselling helpline
Talk to a qualified counsellor and access free confidential support and advice by phone for you, members of your family, or your employees. Whatever’s worrying you, or them, whether it’s work-related or personal, or if you’re feeling worried and anxious, this service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can also access Redundancy Assistance, Crisis Communication and Identify Theft Resolution advice helplines. Find out more information and the numbers to call in your Policy Wording. 

Members can access these helplines and support in MyPACEY

Online support including template letters
Access the business law guide and download legal documents to help with commercial or professional legal matters. You can also access the law guide for consumers as well as download personal legal documents and templates. 

Members can access this support in MyPACEY

Childminder assistants and nursery workers

PACEY legal assurance advice line
Our legal assurance advice line offers legal support to PACEY childminder, nanny and nursery worker members. If you are dealing with a legal issue relating to a client, our qualified lawyers can take up your case and act on your behalf, including taking the case to the small claims court if necessary. This service is included in your PACEY membership.

Please note, there must be reasonable prospects (51% or greater) of successfully pursuing a claim which in the case of a contractual dispute means taking into consideration any counter claim or argument by the parent or guardian. Members can read more in MyPACEY here.