Awaken your senses


Top tips for Autumn

  • Encourage your child to enjoy their walk to or from school by looking out for Autumn treasures.

    On a frosty morning you could see cobwebs covered in dew, crunchy leaves, acorns and conkers. Talk about how they look, feel, and even smell.

    This is a great way to interact with your child, and can help take the pressure off if they aren't ready to talk about their school day!
  • Create an autumn sensory tray by collecting twigs, conkers, acorns and make a collection.

    Explore texture and size and chat about your experiences and interests. This could lead on to talk about squirrels who collect acorns or develop into a conversation around sizes and shapes.

    You could try sorting your finds into different categories or use your treasures to play simple number games and develop a further understanding of maths.