Leaf hedgehog

Have some Autumn fun by collecting fallen leaves to make a spiky hedgehog picture. 

You will need:

Instructions:Leaf hedgehog image

  1. Collect lots of leaves of different shapes and colours.
  2. Lay them out and let children choose how to fill the hedgehog outline to give him a textured body.

More ideas to try

  • Pretend to be falling leaves! Spin around on the spot like a leaf falling from the tree. Make it more challenging by standing on one leg. What other Autumn things could you pretend to be?
  • With coloured pens and pencils, plain, patterned or printed paper and glue, make your own collage.

Areas of Learning and Development (EYFS)

This activity support the following areas of learning and development. For more details, see our factsheet on the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Communication & Language Communication and language:
Listening and attention
Physical Development Physical development:
Moving and handling
Personal, Social & Emotional Development Personal, social and emotional development:
Self-confidence and self-awareness
Understanding the World Understanding the world:
The world
Expressive Art & Design Expressive arts and design:
Exploring and using media and materials
Being imaginative