Drop stones

Enjoy this fun activity and get the children involved as they watch how different objects float or sink in the water. Encourage the children to use a variety of vocabulary to express what they see.

You will need:

  • Stones of various sizes and shapes, including shells if available.
  • Jugs and containers of various sizes, including lids
  • Bubbles (optional)
  • Food colouring to add patterns
  • Water


  1. Allow the children to make their choice of container and stones/shells.
  2. Support the children to put water into their chosen container.
  3. Watch as they add the stones and shells, and, as the water rises, encourage new words and vocabulary to discuss what is happening.
  4. Add food colouring and use long handled spoons to swirl the colouring around to make patterns in the water and/or bubbles to add interest.


Areas of Learning and Development (EYFS)

This activity support the following areas of learning and development. For more details, see our factsheet on the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Communication & Language Communication and language:
Listening and attention
Physical Development

Physical development:
oving and handling

Personal, Social and Emotional Development Personal, social and emotional development:

Making relationships

Personal, Social and Emotional Development Mathematics:
Shape, space and measures
Understanding the World Understanding the world:
The world
Expressive Art & Design Expressive arts and design:
Exploring and using media and materials