Firework prints

Create your own indoor firework display and explore patterns and colours!

You will need:

  • Kitchen roll tube, small shallow boxes and/or lids, (e.g. cheese triangle box)
  • Paper plates for paint
  • Paint in bright colours
  • Glitter in assorted colours
  • Card or paper 


Can you use boxes or tubes and paint to design your own firework display?

  • Cut one end of a cardboard tube by snipping at close intervals from the end towards the centre of the tube.
  • Gently fold these pieces backwards, to form a fan shape.
  • Squeeze a chosen coloured paint onto the plate. Dip the ‘fan’ end of the tube into the paint covering all the fanned pieces.
  • Print onto black card making a circular pattern.
  • Dip the fanned tube into a second colour and reprint over the first colour. Repeat a third time, to build the colour up.
  • The pattern should look like an exploding firework! Add glitter by gently sprinkling over the paint whilst still wet.

Exploring shape and pattern

  • Choose different shaped boxes or tubes. Paint or dip one edge of the box with whichever colour you like, then print the painted area of the box onto the card or paper. Talk about the shapes and patterns you have made by printing, e.g. circle from the cheese box.
  • Try other objects to print with and enjoy exploring the patterns and shapes.
  • You could also use fingers and hands to print more patterns.