Leaf printing

Take a walk in the Autumn air and collect interesting leaves with different shapes and sizes to make your own colourful prints!

You will need:

  • Plain paper
  • Paint brushes
  • Various colours of paint
  • Collected leaves


  1. Collect leaves of varied shapes and Leaf print revealedcolours. Lay them flat with the veins showing. Choose a few leaves each.
  2. Using a paint brush and your chosen colour, paint the veiny surface of the leaves.
  3. Turn the leaf over, placing it painted side down to print onto the paper.
  4. Using fingers, gently press the leaves to the paper to help transfer the paint to make a complete leaf print onto the paper.
  5. Carefully peel the leaf from the paper to reveal your print!

More ideas to try

  • Collect handfuls of leaves and watch how they fall when thrown into the air.
  • If you have a group of children, try putting a pile of leaves in the centre of a parachute. See how high you can throw them!
  • Have you thought about bark rubbing with paper and crayons? What patterns can the children see in their rubbings?
  • Fill a large tray with a selection of leaves and explore the textures and sounds you can find.