Marble rolling

This is a fun messy play activities that helps a child's movement as well as hand-eye co-ordination. Use a mixture of different sizes marbles, as well as colours to create a mixture of designs.

You will need:

  • Marbles of various sizes
  • Empty crisp tubes
  • White card
  • Paint in various colours with a small pot for each colour
  • Tea tray


  • Divide the marbles between the children and allow them to explore rolling these backwards and forwards on a tea-tray.
  • Ask the children to place the marbles into a shallow container with a small amount of their chosen paint.
  • Encourage the children to roll the marbles around the shallow container so the marbles are coated in paint, ideally three or four marbles in various colours of paint.
  • Place a piece of card into the inside of the crisp tube (cut to size as appropriate).
  • Ask the children to add the marbles and place the lid onto the tube.
  • Shake and roll the tube so as to make lots of noise… this could be done to music to make it more fun, and the tubes used like a ‘shaker’.
  • Gentle remove the lid and tip the marbles onto the tea tray. 
  • Remove the card to see the design.

Extension Idea:

Cut shapes from the card and make personalised decorations, e.g. gift tags for a special occasion.