Fingerprint wrapping paper

Why not enjoy creating fingerprint wrapping paper as well? Children can give their gifts a personal touch, along with their cards, with wrapping paper that is unique and fun to make.

You will need:

  • Brown paper or large sheet of lining paper
  • Various coloured paints
  • Variety of shaped sponges and cutters
  • Shallow trays for the paint


  1. Decide on the size of the wrapping paper required.
  2. Children can dip fingers and hands into the paint, making print marks onto the paper.
  3. Talk what you think the prints look like, using a wide vocabulary to explore colour, texture and shape.


More ideas to try...

  • Use sponges or potatoes cut into shapes or cutters for a special festival or celebration paper.
  • You could try foot prints.
  • Add glitter to the paint to provide an alternative sensory feel and look to the printing.
  • Use different colours to represent times of the year, for example, red and green for Christmas, orange and yellow for Autumn.
  • You could try making gift tags or cards to match your paper – be as creative as you like