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Increased access to funding

The Government has today announced measures they are taking to broaden access to, and encourage uptake of, the 2-year-old funding offer.

You can read the full announcement here:

PACEY is glad that the government has listened to our members on this issue, and has recognised the challenges many good and outstanding childminders have experienced in accessing funding. It’s also good to see that the Government has accepted the case we have been making that disadvantaged families should be enabled to access flexible, home-based settings through this scheme, not just nursery or wrap-around settings.

However, the next step is for childminders to step up to this challenge and prove our points, through taking up the opportunity to offer flexible care to these most disadvantaged families.

Liz Bayram, Chief Executive of PACEY said.

"PACEY welcomes today’s announcement of the allocation of funding so that 260,000 disadvantaged 2-year-olds can benefit from high quality childcare, as well as the broadening of the eligibility criteria to include children living in low income households or children living with a disability or Special Educational Needs (SEN).

"It is very encouraging to see government promoting the important role good and outstanding childminders can play in delivering the free entitlement. We hope this national focus will encourage more local authorities to promote childminding to parents of qualifying children. Childminding is flexible, and ensures the high personalised care that these very young children deserve.

"We know most good or outstanding childminders are still not part of local authority plans to deliver this important initiative. PACEY will continue to encourage childminders to talk to their local authorities about how they can be involved, but local authorities also need effective working partnerships with local providers, including childminders, to ensure children get the support that best meets their needs."