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Licensing requirements consultation

PACEY has responded to a Government consultation on new proposals to relax entertainment licensing requirements for various community settings, including schools and nurseries. If successful, these reforms would exempt registered nurseries in England and Wales from licensing requirements for many entertainment activities organised as part of their early years provision, including the exhibition of plays and films and the playing of live and recorded music. However, in our response PACEY also raised concerns about the lack of similar measures for childminders, nannies, and other home-based professionals who are also affected by licensing requirements.

PACEY welcomes this proposal to ease the licensing burden on nurseries, but the licensing obligations of home-based early years professionals are still far from clear; previous conversations between PACEY and licensing authorities suggest that in some circumstances these professionals still could require a licence. Therefore, in our response to the consultation we recommended that the Government continue in the spirit of these proposals by also removing the entertainment licensing requirements from all domestic childcare settings for the types of entertainment described above.

Share your views

PACEY will continue to engage with Government to obtain the best outcomes for our members from any new policy. If you have any comments on these new proposals or would like to share your experiences of entertainment licensing as an early years professional, please e-mail