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Testing young children

Yesterday the Department for Education (DfE) published a consultation on primary assessment.

As part of the consultation the DfE are looking at how to measure how each pupil’s end of key stage 2 test results compare with the results of pupils with similar prior attainment.  Currently the baseline against which pupils’ progress is measured is at the end of key stage 1. The DfE is considering whether to move this baseline check to early in Reception.

We are encouraging as many members as possible to engage in responding to this consultation, given so many of you have already voiced growing concern over the increasing schoolification of early years. Any form of formal testing of such young children has to be handled with great care. We question how will it genuinely will add value given it is in stark contrast to the approach in many countries with high quality childcare,  where formal education of children does not start until they are aged 7.

PACEY will be formally responding to this consultation.