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Childminders and children's centres

The Education Committee is conducting an inquiry into Sure Start Children's Centres examining the Core Purpose of Sure Start children's centres, their effectiveness and the range of services and activities provided.

On Wednesday 26 June, PACEY's Joint Chief Executive Liz Bayram will be giving evidence alongside representatives from Netmums, the Fatherhood Institute and the Family and Childcare Trust. The session will focus on the perspective of parents and users of children's centres and Liz will be able to offer information about the different ways in which childminders work with children's centres; how well/not this works across different areas and different types of children's centres; what impact the increasing focus of children's centres on working with vulnerable families is having upon the relationship between children's centres and childminders.

The Committee is also keen to understand PACEY’s views on proposals for childminder agencies being led by children’s centres. PACEY will therefore use this opportunity to once again, express chilminders' concerns around why the agency model will not work  in terms of quality of childcare, affordability for parents and childminders' future sustainability.

Share your experiences of working with children’s centres as a childminder in PACEY Local, whether good or bad.