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Practice Debate - being school ready

PACEY is excited to announce the launch of its first-ever Practice Discussion, where childcare professionals come together to discuss the practice issues that matter most to them and to debate the issues with parents and other professionals.

Our first ever Practice Discussion will focus on the issue of school readiness. We want to hear what you and other childcare professionals think this means? What are the important ways you support young children through this important transition in life? What could be done to improve the support children receive?

As you may know the term ‘school ready’ gets banded around a lot in the early years. English Education Secretary Michael Gove has complained that many children arrive in school “totally unprepared to learn” and  English Childcare Minister Liz Truss recently branded some early years’ childcare as “chaotic settings, where children are running around with no sense of purpose”. In the Commons Truss told MPs: “It is a very sad fact that 33 per cent of children arrive at school without the requisite communication and language skills that they need to take part in school education”.

PACEY’s  School Ready discussion (which will take place over the summer and will involve parents, teachers and indeed children themselves) will hear what the professionals and parents caring for children every day think school ready means. Through a combination of surveys, focus groups and on-line debates, PACEY will draw together all the different perspectives together in a new research report which it will publish in September. 

PACEY’s goal is to support childcare professionals to develop a shared understanding of  what school ready really means and to highlight what more everyone involved in caring for children could do to support children as they start school.

You can join in the School Ready Debate today by taking part in a short survey. The survey will take no longer than five minutes to complete and all respondents will be entered into a prize draw with the chance to win a £60 Debenhams voucher.

This Practice Debate will be the first of many opportunities for our members – nannies, childminders and nursery workers – to come together and shape thinking on an issue of shared concern. Please find time to take part before the survey closes on 17 June.

Please take part in our survey and enter your feedback at

If you live in Wales, please visit The questions are slightly different to reflect the difference between the two counties' frameworks.