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Chief Exec speaks out

Catherine Farrell and Liz BayramThe House of Commons Public Bill Committee which is considering the Children and Families Bill heard oral evidence today Thursday 7 March 2013. During the morning session Liz Bayram (PACEY's Joint Chief Executive), Sue Gregory (Ofsted) and Peter Griggs (Daycare Trust) answered questions.

The session was televised live on Parliamentary TV and can now be viewed via this link

Liz articulated the collective voice of childminders clearly during the session. She reiterated members' concerns that agencies will damage parental confidence in childminding - and so its future sustainability - and that quality may be reduced by the lack of an individual requirement to be inspected against EYFS standards.

Liz put forward PACEY’s view that it would be better not to legislate for childminder agencies until they have been piloted and proven to deliver the improvements Government requires.

If the proposal remains in the Bill, PACEY will support the efforts of the National Children’s Bureau to seek amendments to require childminders registered with an agency to still be individually inspected by Ofsted.

She also urged the Government to set out in legislation - or underpinning guidance - the training, qualification and other development requirements an agency should provide for childminders in order to give children the best possible care.

A full transcript of the session is available now. In the meantime, you can have your say on the Children & Families Bill and discuss with other childcare professionals on PACEY Local.