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PACEY's career survey

LousWe want to say a big thank you to everybody who responded to PACEY’s recent childcare career choices survey. This was used to inform our research report Childcare – not just a job, a vocation, which was released this week.

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the prize draw is Louise Pitman, a childminder from Wales, who will receive a £100 Debenhams voucher.

Louise is relatively new to the profession, having started her business less than two years ago. Prior to this Louise worked for her local council for 14 years before deciding on a career in childcare.

“Throughout those years I had to use a childminder for my son who is now 10 and I have to say she was truly amazing and still is. It was only when our daughter came along that I started to think about a career working with children.

I did a lot of research about becoming a childminder and had lots of discussions with my own childminder who really was my support and inspiration and has now become a very close friend. Watching the children play and develop whilst in her care was really rewarding. I wanted to have a job that would truly give me satisfaction too. It also would fit in with my family lifestyle as I wanted to be at home watching my own children grow and develop, getting that work-life balance that I had always strived for.

I can honestly say I have not looked back since, I absolutely love what I am doing and thoroughly enjoy it, I am no longer boxed in a tiny little office. I am out in all kind of weathers with plenty of fresh air - we get involved in all sorts of activities with lots of fun and laughter along the way.”

Download the full report Childcare – not just a job, a vocation.