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Nappy sack safety

RoSPA Nappy Sack posterRoSPA, CAPT and Children in Wales are supporting a campaign run by NHS Cornwall and Isles of Scilly to raise awareness of the dangers posed to babies by nappy sacks.

Nappy sacks - the plastic bags used to dispose of soiled nappies - are often kept close to baby for ease when changing nappies. However, the light, flimsy plastic material makes it easy for baby to grab one - especially as they're also often produced induvidually, not kept on a roll.

A baby's natural repsonse is to bring objects to her mouth to investigate - and nappy sacks can cover her mouth and nose easily, and in some cases can even be inhaled.

Investigation uncovered as many as 10 babies in England and Wales had been suffocated by nappy sacks.

To help raise awareness of the dangers, a range of free, downloadable material is available from RoSPA's website. The website also includes a useful height chart to display in your setting with reminders about the accidents that can befall small children and how to help prevent them.