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PACEY welcomes Clegg's comments

Catherine FarrellSpeaking about Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's comments on the government's childcare plans this morning, Catherine Farrell, PACEY's Joint Chief Executive (pictured right), said, “It’s great to see that at long last some parts of Government are finally listening to the legitimate concerns of parents and childcare professionals.

"Members of PACEY - childminders, nannies and nursery workers - have continually voiced concerns that changing ratios will damage the quality of care children receive, regardless of the qualification level of staff. In simple terms the more children you have to look after the less individual attention you can give them.

"PACEY has been lobbying for months to convince Liz Truss to rethink childcare proposals. In addition to the discussion about ratios, there are many more proposals that the Department for Education is planning that are causing concern for the sector. In particular the introduction of childminder agencies, an increasingly narrow definition of what it means for a child to be school ready, and the removal of local authority responsibility to provide training and information to registered providers.

"We believe all of these proposals will be to the detriment of the quality of care our youngest children receive. Despite months of discussion, the Department for Education seems unwilling to listen and has yet to present a clear rationale for why these changes are needed. PACEY is yet to see any evidence that they will improve the quality of care children receive or reduce costs for families.”