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Sector's 'day of action'

Childcare professionals are planning a "day of action" on 1 June 2013, International Children's Day.

The idea was first proposed by the Chief Executive of the London Early Years Foundation, June O'Sullivan, in her blog. "I suggest we make June 1st, Children’s Day, our day to Take Over the Early Years Debate. We need to start working together across the UK to make our voices heard; to explain what we do, what quality means and why Early Years is not a political football but a serious matter – one led by serious people with a serious message."

PACEY's Joint Chief Executive, Catherine Farrell, said, "I wholeheartedly agree with June's arguments and think more must be done to ensure there is a balanced discussion in the media. For too long it has been one-sided and PACEY therefore welcomes this move to open up debate on the proposed changes.

"June's point about acting as calm, grown up and informed adults is key. It is vital to consult and listen to everyone affected by these changes. With such an important debate, there will always be different ideas and suggestions put forward. So we must work together to challenge assumptions and ensure everyone recognises the long-term implications of the proposed changes."