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Childminders face obstacles

Sector magazine Nursery World has published a piece about childminders who are having extra conditions imposed on them before being able to access free etitlement funding. Read the article here. They have found that despite new guidance from the Department for Education, some local authorities are not passing on the funds.

Liz Bayram, Chief Executive, PACEY comments: "Back in June trials to test the 2-year-old free provision of childcare identified that expanding the number of childminder places that provide this service was essential to the scheme's success. So it's frustrating that months on, childminders in some areas are still struggling to access funding through this scheme.

"PACEY believes that access to early years education can have a significant impact on children; preparing them for the start of school, as well as improving their longer term prospects. We also know that many families benefit from accessing the flexible home-based service that childminders offer.

"It is good to see that the Department for Education is providing robust advice to local authorities about distributing the funding for free places but it's disappointing that they feel the necessity to do so.

"We call on all local authorities to remove any unnecessary obstacles, so that all settings where there is Ofsted inspected childcare rated as good or excellent are able to provide the free provision to the eligible families in their areas. In some areas there is already strong effective working partnerships between local authorities and childminders, we want to see these best practice examples replicated everywhere."

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