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The government has released information about new childminder agency pilots

The Department for Education (DfE) has now released details of the childminder agency pilots taking place across England. The list of the 20 organisations selected as pilots is available on the website.

To date the information available is limited and we have asked the DfE and Ofsted for more information on the framework being developed to regulate these agencies.  

We will be monitoring the pilots and will keep members informed of any developments as we become aware of them. We’d appreciate it if you could let us know of any information that you have about the current pilots as well. Please email with any information you might have.

If there is a childminder agency pilot operating in your area, it’s likely that you’ll be invited to join. You may even receive a letter or email implying that joining the agency is a requirement to operate as a childminder in your area. This is not the case. Childminder agencies are yet to become law and any childminder who chooses to join an agency will still have to maintain their individual registration with Ofsted and undergo individual inspection if their inspection is due during the trial period which runs between now and September 2014. So please remember that joining or being part of a childcare agency is not compulsory.

We know many of our members are determined to remain independent and will not join a childminder agency. PACEY offers support for childminders who want to remain independent, helping them to access training and business support as part of their membership. PACEY also provides a free peer support online and face-to-face community for all childcare professionals, PACEY Local.

More detail about what childminder agencies are, and why we believe the model is detrimental to childcare quality is available on PACEY’s website.


This was originally sent as an email to PACEY's childminder members in England. If you did not receive it and think you should have, please check and confirm your contact details are up to date.