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Safety first

You may have seen recent news reports showing an increase in the number of sightings of the false widow spider, Britain’s most venomous spider. If you're in an affected area, have you incorporated this into your ongoing risk assessments?

Find out more about the false widow here via BBC.

With this in mind, take time now to review all your policies and procedure so that you feel confident that you're prepared, should anything unexpected happen.

Members of PACEY have access to a number of resources to help ensure the safety of those in their care, including:


Covering a wide range of topics from accidents and incidents to medication.

Paediatric first-aid training

Suitable for both initial training or as a refresher, PACEY's first-aid course is delivered by experienced tutors who have the added benefit of coming from a childcare background.

Remember, all childminders, registered nannies* and certain members of nursery staff in group settings in England and Wales must hold an appropriate valid paediatric first-aid certificate which should be updated every three years.

To find out more about first-aid courses coming soon to your local area, email or call us on 0300 003 0005. Course prices vary nationally.


*Prospective nannies should always contact their local authority or Family Information Service to check which courses they approve, as this may vary between areas.