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Too Much Too Soon campaign

The Too Much, Too Soon campaign was launched in September 2013. Its core aims are:

  • to stop all developmentally inappropriate educational policy-making in the UK

  • to re-establish the early years as a unique stage in its own right and not merely a preparation for school

  • to protect young children's natural developmental rights

  • to prevent baseline testing

  • to reinstate the vital role of play

  • to call for an English developmentally appropriate Foundation Stage for children between the ages of 3 and  7 (until the end of Key Stage 1).

You can find out more here 


Day of Action

The Too Much, Too Soon campaign group is organising a Day of Action on Wednesday 30 October 2013. A key part of the day is a Lobby of Government. The campaign has secured a meeting with key opinion formers in Parliament, which will be supported by a protect outside Parliament.

You can find out more on the Too Much Too Soon website


What is PACEY doing on the Day of Action?

PACEY supports the Too Much, Too Soon campaign. PACEY was a signatory to the campaign’s Open Letter published in the Telegraph in September 2013 ()

PACEY will be attending the Parliamentary Lobby and Debate to ensure that out member’s concerns are heard. We will also be helping members share information and support those attending the lobby through PACEY Local and Facebook.


What are PACEY’s key concerns?

PACEY’s key message around the Day of Action is:

‘Childcare professionals know the importance of play in helping children become confident, communicative, sociable and curious individuals. PACEY believes that these core social and emotional skills are as important as a child's educational development in their first years of life, and that both of these these are best fostered through both adult led and child initiated play.’

PACEY is particularly focussed in its support of two aspects of the campaign. These are:


The risk posed by schoolification of a child's early years

We have published a report ‘What does School Ready really mean?’ which highlights the importance of ensuring children are confident, curious and independent when they start school – not just able to read and write.


The planned changes to childminder registration and inspection

PACEY continues to argue that the move aware from a single, national system that inspects and registers individual childminders is wrong. PACEY’s view is that the Government are pursuing a market-driven Agency approach at the expense of quality, safe childcare.


What can you do to support the day of action?


If you are attending the Lobby, let people know how it’s going. Alternatively, why not share how you’re helping the children you care for prepare for school through play – let us and other childcare professionals see how play is making a real contribution to confidence, curiosity and independence. You can share what you’re doing on the day of action via PACEY Local, PACEY’s Facebook page or on Twitter.


Why not let the parents of the children you care for know about the campaign? You can point them towards the Too Much, Too Soon website, the Save Childhood Movement and PACEY’s School Ready Report


And, if you want to take action yourself, you can sign the Too Much, Too Soon petition here

And finally, don’t forget to take a moment and reflect on how play support learning outcomes.