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Ofsted grades announced

Ofsted has released figures on the grades awarded at early years inspections in the last three months.

Liz Bayram, PACEYLiz Bayram, PACEY's Chief Executive (pictured right), commented "We're pleased to see the latest figures from Ofsted showing quality of provision remains strong and, given the concerns voiced by Ofsted last year, that the quality gap between childminders and non-domestic childcare settings is narrowing.

"Given the significant reduction in local authority training and support to so many providers, it is heartening to see that settings themselves remain committed to ensuring quality improvement. We hope the current concerns around how Ofsted is now making its inspection judgements do not place this positive momentum in jeopardy.

"A key factor in narrowing the quality gap between childminders and non-domestic settings has been the new requirement for individuals to undertake introductory training before they register as a childminder. PACEY wants that requirement further strengthened, so all prospective childminders are required to pass an introductory course (as they do in Wales) not simply to attend it. This would ensure a strong core understanding of effective practice and provide a solid basis for more childminders to further develop their practice, through training and other forms of continuous professional development.

"I want to congratulate the 75% of newly inspected childminders who were rated as good or outstanding. This news reinforces childminders' and PACEY's belief that individual regulation and inspection of childminding is the best way to drive up quality.

"We remain sceptical that childminder agencies will deliver the same levels of improvement for childminders who choose to join them. We want government and Ofsted to do more to set out how its proposed regulation and inspection framework for agencies will ensure this positive improvement is not lost."

Ofsted's latest figures are available here.