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School-ready research launched

School ready reportPACEY has published its research report, Being school ready, which considers what the term “school ready” means for childcare professionals, parents and primary school teachers.

After months of research with childcare professionals, teachers, parents and children, we found that:

1) Childcare professionals, parents and teachers interpret the term “school ready” in a way that is in stark contrast to that often stated by policy makers and regulators in England, and in a way that is more reflective of the approach taking by policy makers in Wales.

2) For a child to be considered school ready, respondents stated that cognitive and academic skills such as reading and writing are not as important as children being confident, independent and curious.

3) Teachers and childcare professionals (58% and 40% respectively) both stated that they felt there needed to be greater emphasis on play in England.

4) Almost half of all respondents – childcare professionals, parents and teachers alike – identified a lack of communication and common expectation between each other as a barrier to preparing a child for school.

5) Respondents agreed that being school ready is about more than just the child being ready for school – schools need to be ready for children, too.

You can download a copy of the full report here.