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Ofsted's annual report

Responding to the Ofsted report into the Early Years, published today, Liz Bayram commented, "PACEY does not believe that increasing the level of formal education delivered to pre-school children will help reduce inequality or provide children with a strong foundation for success in the classroom and beyond.

"The evidence shows that high quality childcare delivered through a play-based approach to learning is vital to help children develop the social, emotional and physical skills they need to thrive and is one of the most effective ways to lift children out of disadvantage.  A child’s confidence, independence and willingness to learn is more important than being able to recognise letters, sit still and focus on a task.Liz Bayram on Sky News

"High quality early years education can take place in a wide range of settings, not just schools. We need to see more support for all childcare professionals to help them improve their expertise and deliver the best possible care for those children and families most in need."

Liz is speaking on Sky News and ITV News today responding to Ofsted’s report into Early Years education.

Sir Michael Wilshaw’s report will say that childminders and nurseries are failing to prepare children for future learning and that the poorest children in England are especially badly served, as only a third reach a good level of development in pre-schools. He’s calling for a greater emphasis on structured learning and has recently also issued new guidance to Ofsted inspectors to illustrate what they should be looking for.

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