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Early Years Outcomes - Wales

The Welsh Government is currently consulting on the Early Years Outcomes Framework. The development of this will help Welsh Government to understand how great an impact their early years policies and programmes are having on children’s lives. It will help to identify where further improvement is needed and where they may need to prioritise in the short, medium and long term.

It is hoped that the framework will also help individuals across the early years sector in Wales understand the contribution they make to achieving improved outcomes. By defining the outcomes wanted for children in the early years the framework will help focus resources on activities that have been shown to make a positive difference. It will support a unified approach to planning, delivery and evaluation, at a national and local level, which will also bring about improved, collaborative services.

The Welsh Government wants everyone working in the early years sector – from senior leaders to those on the frontline – to feel ownership of the shared outcomes and work together to make a difference to them.

PACEY Cymru will be submitting a response to this consultation and though, at present, no consultation events are planned, we are inviting responses from members in Wales by email to inform our response. 

The Early Years Outcomes Framework consultation document needs to be read in conjunction with the following consultation questions.

1.     Will this framework help to identify where early years policies and programmes are making a difference?

2.     Are the seven outcomes representative of what is important to children aged between 0-7?

3.     If the outcomes are not representative, what is missing?

4.     Should ‘all children in the early years are happy’ be included as a standalone outcome?

5.     If ‘all children in the early years are happy’ is a standalone outcome, what are the most appropriate     indicators?

6.     Are you aware of any other tools / mechanisms / data that could be used to measure the population outcomes?

7.     Can you see how your contribution to the early years in Wales fits into the Framework? If not, what is missing?

8.     It is the intention that that outcomes framework will be a useful tool for planning and evaluation which will support improvements where needed. What are the potential challenges, if any, with the early years outcomes framework on a practical level?

If you have any points you would like to be considered please email PACEY's Direct Services Manager (Wales) Claire Protheroe, by 7th January 2015.