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Joint letter to Lords about childminding agencies

New Acts, laws and pieces of legislation go through a long process in government before being passed. The Children and Families Bill is now in its final stages, currently being discussed in the House of Lords.

Throughout the legislative process, PACEY has been closely involved in its progress, highlighting areas of concern for childcare professionals and working to ensure decision-makers are fully aware of the likely outcomes of the proposals.

Back in March 2013, PACEY’s Chief Executive, Liz Bayram, gave oral evidence to a House of Commons select committee on the section of the Bill proposing to legislate for childminding agencies. PACEY has been outspoken in its opposition to the introduction of childminding agencies since the idea was first suggested.

We know that our members are actively engaged in opposing the introduction of childminder agencies. They have attended meetings and marches and written letters to their MPs to express their concern.

This week, PACEY has joined with the Family and Childcare Trust in a letter to Peers urging them to vote against clause 74 of the Bill - the clause concerned with the introduction of childminder agencies. The letter, which has been sent to all Peers, along with a briefing about childminder agencies, is available to read online.

Oscar Plummer, Policy and Communications Manager at PACEY, said:

"PACEY continues to oppose the introduction of childminder agencies, for the reasons set out in the FCT’s letter to the House of Lords, dated 27 January 2014. We hope that peers will listen to these legitimate concerns expressed by our members and the wider childcare sector, and vote against Clause 74 of the Children and Families Bill."