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Star in our videos

PACEY produces a series of practice videos to highlight and share good practice with members. The settings and childcare professionals featured are members of PACEY and have a particular interest in the subject being filmed.

Based on member feedback, our forthcoming films will be about working with babies and cooking with children. If you have a particular interest in or expertise in these fields and are interested in taking part in our filming, please email

If you're interested and able to help, then you can be sure of a fun day of filming. We'll visit your setting with our producer/director and film you in action before doing some interview-style filming, too. A full brief is included. You will need to get permission from parents for their children to be filmed, and permission forms will be provided.

One member said, "I just wanted to say thank you for involving me in PACEY's film project, I had a thoroughly enjoyable day. We all had such a fab time. It really was a great experience all round :-)"