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CentreForum report

Responding to the publication of the CentreForum report on the free early education offer not being enough to boost children’s chances, Victoria Flint, Head of Communications at PACEY, comments: 

"The CentreForum is right to call on the government to focus on quality improvement in early years sector, as we know that high quality childcare is vital to improving social, emotional and educational outcomes for children – and particularly for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Ensuring that all childcare settings receive improved support to invest in training and quality improvement for their staff is a key priority to help achieve this.

"CentreForum’s proposals to increase the free early years education entitlement are welcome. However, under the current free entitlement framework we know that many childminders have difficulty in accessing the appropriate funding support to deliver the free entitlement allowance. These existing funding challenges need to be addressed if any expansion is to succeed. It will also be important to ensure that all families eligible for any expansion in free entitlement are aware of the full range of childcare settings that are available to them.

"It is encouraging to see CentreForum’s recognition of the critical role that childcare professionals play in supporting parents to create positive learning environments for children. PACEY echoes the call for a more consistent, joined-up approach to family and childcare policy and this will be vital in improving outcomes for children and families."