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Motivations for training

A survey of childcare professionals has shown that the main motivator for them to undertake extra training and development is to help them improve outcomes for children. Over 250 childminders, nannies and nursery workers responded to our survey to help us build a CPD programme that clearly sets out how our members can progress and develop their skills.

89% of the childcare professionals who responded agreed that improving their practice and skills was their key motivator. 82% reported that improving their Ofsted grade and keeping up to date with sector developments were important. 68% of respondents were strongly motivated by professional progression.

Reasons PACEY members undertake CPD

Members gave a number of reasons for their answers. One nanny said “There is no career progression for nannies. This can be a selling point for parents. I want to do well and be good at my job so employers will value what I do more.”

Another member said “I seek to learn and deliver the newest and freshest ideas as well as provide a unique and valuable experience to each and every child in my care.”

Insight from the research, which took place with more than 250 childcare professionals during the winter of 2013-14, will inform the development of a CPD Pathway – a way to support all members to access structured and self-directed learning as a part of their membership. You can read the CPD Pathways report here.