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Childcare account consultation

MoneyPACEY has today responded to the Government’s consultation on Tax-Free Childcare, about the options for childcare accounts. The accounts will be where parents deposit their money to receive a 25% top-up from the Government – 20p for every 80p spent – and where the payments will be sent from, directly to providers.

We issued an open call on PACEY Local and spoke to several members, and along with incorporating their views into the written response, we also took those views directly to the offices of HMRC (who are designing the policy) where we spoke to senior officials on your behalf.

In the response, PACEY calls for the Tax-Free Childcare scheme to be designed with childcare professionals in mind, so that it is easy to use. We also recommended that HMRC issue clear guidance to childcare workers about Tax-Free Childcare, to ensure they know how to interact with the new system.

Follow this link to see our full response to the consultation, and for more information visit the Government’s page on Tax-Free Childcare.