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Condition of Britain report

Today the IPPR’s Condition of Britain report was launched, which proposes an agenda for reforming the state and social policy to enable people to work together to build a stronger society.

Liz Bayram, PACEY Chief Executive, comments on the report and IPPR’s proposal for year-around, affordable childcare places : "PACEY welcomes the IPPR’s bold proposal for year-round affordable childcare places for all one to four year olds, so long as this is funded properly and embraces all forms of childcare - both in home and group settings - so parents can choose the childcare setting that best suits their family's needs. Appropriate levels of funding for this proposal are critical to ensuring registered childcare providers can invest in the qualified staff that all the evidence shows support better outcomes for children, especially our most disadvantaged children.

“We applaud the proposal for all staff working with two-year-olds to hold at least a level 3 child development qualification. Whilst we also support an increase in the number of graduates working in early years settings, it is important to recognise that many front line childcare practitioners without early years degree qualifications also provide professional, high quality care for children.

"Childcare and early learning has improved immensely in the last ten years but we have still to overcome the challenge of ensuring families not only receive flexible, affordable childcare, but that children receive a high quality experience too. That is what makes the biggest difference for children's life chances. Furthermore childcare for school age children remains as much a challenge as childcare for the early years.”

Read the IPPR’s Condition of Britain report.

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The New Statesman has published an article about the report, looking at how the motivations for universal childcare are rooted in a collective social responsibility. Read the article here.