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EYDAF update (Wales)

The Welsh Government released an update in relation to the Early Years Development and Assessment Framework (EYDAF) on the 27th March. Huw Lewis, Minister for Education and Skills published a written statement around the further development and implementation of this and links to the Foundation Phase on entry assessment.

As you may be aware the EYDAF will consist of a single overarching 0-7 assessment framework and a suite of linked assessment tools which can be used to chart children’s progress, longitudinally, across the early years. It was intended that the new on-entry assessment for the Foundation Phase linked into the EYDAF would be introduced from September 2014 however due to the need for this to link to other ongoing work, including the revision of some areas of the Foundation Phase Framework,  the statutory requirement for this to be provided has been put back until September 2015. 

PACEY will provide further updates and opportunities for consultation around this as the work progresses. 

You can read the complete statement at