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Ofsted propose removal of childminder statistics

r. According to Ofsted, agencies will make “reporting on childminder trends, pre-and post-September 2014 unreliable”.

PACEY strongly disagrees with this proposal on a number of grounds:

  • Regardless of the number of agency childminders, the number of independent childminders is exceptionally important and so still merits reporting;
  • PACEY is aware that there are only a small number of individuals and organisations going through agency registration, so are unlikely to have an impact large enough to justify removing independent childminders from the statistics;
  • Recent comments by Ofsted’s Chief Inspector have served to worsen childminders’ perception of Ofsted, and these proposals will do little to support Ofsted’s claims to support childminders.

Although we have written our own response to this consultation, there’s strength in numbers, so we encourage our childminder members to also have their say. Visit Ofsted’s website to see the consultation documents in full, and to respond directly online you can follow this link to fill in the survey.

We recommend reading the consultation document alongside PACEY’s response before you take part.



*UPDATE* We have clarified within our response that the proposals relate to the charts which describe childcare provider numbers over time, not those which refer to the latest data.