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EYPP consultation outcome

The Government have today published their own response to the consultation on the new Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP), confirming that they will be introducing the scheme from April 2015. The EYPP will be £300 per child per year, given to childcare providers who offer free early education places for each disadvantaged 3 and 4 year old in their setting.

As well as laying out the eligibility-checking process for local authorities, the Government’s response also confirmed that those providers who receive the EYPP will be required to demonstrate how they have used the money to improve outcomes for the disadvantaged children in their setting.

Using your views, we said in our response to this consultation that although the extra funding is welcome, it may not be enough to drastically change outcomes for disadvantaged children. Commenting on this announcement, PACEY Chief Executive, Liz Bayram said:

“PACEY welcomes the Government’s recognition that disadvantaged children need additional support, and the Early Years Pupil Premium is a step in the right direction to help childcare providers offer this. But we should moderate our expectations of what this will actually deliver in terms of improvements to provision when it represents an increase of just 53p for hour per child – far less than the similar funding for school-aged children.

“While we recognise it is right that the use of the EYPP is evaluated, we have concerns on how Ofsted inspectors will actually assess providers’ use of the funding. Our members have told us that they are planning to use the extra funding in a wide variety of ways, from purchasing outdoor equipment to staff training and resources. Assessing EYPP spending in Ofsted judgements without clear criteria to judge it against could open it up to personal interpretation. We will be engaging with Ofsted to make sure that appropriate criteria are set.

“We are confident that our members will use the extra funding to build on the excellent work they do every day to support the children in their setting. We will be tracking how our members use the EYPP and sharing examples of this in the forthcoming Call for Evidence.”  

It was also announced today that 6 local authorities will be offering their childcare providers the EYPP from January, so if you work in Stoke, Blackpool, Cambridgeshire, North Yorkshire, Bristol or Hackney and want to find out more about the EYPP, contact your local authority.