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Ofsted announces inspections consultation

Ofsted have announced a consultation on their inspections across the early years, schools and further education, proposing that a common inspection framework be introduced for each stage of children’s learning and development.

The changes, if carried through, will be introduced in September 2015, so any providers who have an inspection after this date (and before the new inspection cycle in 2016) will have their practice assessed according to the new framework.

Read the full set of proposals from Ofsted here and Ofsted's separate proposal on the future of early education inspection here.

Liz Bayram, PACEY Chief Executive said:

"PACEY welcomes the principle of a common inspection framework for early years, schools, further education and skills providers but in reality it will be a challenge to deliver. Whatever the final framework, success will as always depend on the knowledge and skills of the inspectors themselves.

“A consistent inspection framework will help parents to recognise high quality care across the entire education spectrum and has to be a positive step.  We are particularly interested in the framework including a stronger focus on the professional training and development available to staff. The evidence is clear, the better qualified and up to date the practitioner, teacher or tutor is, the better the outcomes for children. Inspection is an infrequent tool to drive up quality, ongoing training and development of staff is essential to drive up quality.

"At the same time however, we are concerned that the proposal to lower the age of children that exempts schools from registering as early years providers will threaten much needed consistency across early years inspections. We would call on Ofsted to clarify how it intends to ensure parity of school inspections against those delivered by dedicated early years inspectors. Above all it will be important to make sure that inspection evaluation criteria across all early years settings remains firmly rooted in the EYFS framework for a consistent approach to quality improvement and to help children become ready for a lifetime of learning.”

PACEY will be asking members for their views on these changes on our Facebook, Twitter and PACEY Local, before responding to the consultation on your behalf. The deadline for responses to this consultation is December 5th.