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Building a brighter future progress report

Welsh Government- Building a Brighter Future progress report

Welsh Government have published the 2013-14 report on progress made to date against the commitments made in Building a Brighter Future: Early Years and Childcare Plan. The report also outlines priorities for the year ahead.

This reports notes that the achievements made to date are just the beginning to fulfil the vision Welsh Government outlined:

  • for all children in Wales to have a flying start in life
  • be well-educated
  • enjoy the best possible health
  • live in a decent home
  • have access to an enriched environment including play, leisure, sporting and cultural activities
  • be listened to, treated with respect and feel safe.

This report identifies further key actions that we will take over the coming year. The next progress report will be published in July 2015 and a full review will take place in 2016.

PACEY Cymru will continue to work closely with Welsh Government to support further achievements against this plan.

Read the full report here