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Latest provider numbers

The Department for Education has today published a study showing the current childcare providers numbers in England: The Childcare and Early Years Providers Survey 2013.

Speaking in response to the publication, Liz Bayram, PACEY's chief executive said:

“The DfE study shows not only that the professionalism of the childcare workforce is growing but busts a few myths too. PACEY is delighted to see that again the number of childcare professionals holding a relevant Level 3 qualification has continued to increase. This is despite many settings facing a reduction in funding to undertake continuous professional development (CPD), including qualifications. This is something everyone working in childcare should be very proud of. We know the better qualified a practitioner is the better the outcomes for the children in their care. This significant further improvement in qualification levels is thanks to individual settings investing in their own training and development.

“The study also makes clear that the majority of childcare providers have not increased their fees in the last year, with the majority of childminders reporting they have not done so and over half of group settings. This is despite childcare providers facing increased costs like any other business and having to motivate and retain their staff on often very low wages.  PACEY is clear this is just more evidence that the way childcare is funded in this country needs to be overhauled for families as well as providers.

“Finally, the study shows how much the government’s planned roll out of the 2-year-old offer is reliant on childminders, nurseries and pre-schools who are already looking after most of the 2-year-olds who need childcare. In recent months there has been an increased focus on how schools may provide the solution to growing the number of childcare places for these very young children. Regardless of whether schools are the best place for 2-year-olds, this study shows that only 12% of primary schools with a nursery class plan to provide places for disadvantaged 2-year-olds (only 3% of schools with no nursery class). In contrast, 40% or more nurseries, childminders and pre-schools say they plan to do so. Schools can only ever be part of the solution, particularly when families need childcare that is available at atypical hours and all year round.

“PACEY is keen to ensure government recognises the skills and capacity of nurseries, childminders and pre schools to deliver more free early education places and is keen to build on this positive message, by ensuring two year old places are easy for all providers to offer and pay a fee that covers the full cost of that place.”