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School admissions consultation

PACEY has responded today to the Government consultation on changes to the School Admissions Code. We raised concerns about the proposal to allow primary schools to prioritise admission for children eligible for the service or new Early Years Pupil Premium, if the child also attends a nursery operated by the school. 

Though PACEY fully supports prioritising school admission for children from disadvantaged or service families, we believe this added requirement for the child to have attended a school-linked nursery is unnecessary, restricts parental choice and could affect the sustainability of other local early years settings.

We also welcomed the clarification of regulations around admissions arrangements for summer-born children, but called for a play-based and child-centred approach to support all children, no matter what their date of birth, and well into their first years at school.

PACEY will continue to offer the voice of childcare to Government, and call for more support across the full range of childcare providers. Please follow this link for our full response to the consultation.

If you didn’t see it the first time around, we also released a set of school ready resources in August. Click here for more information about our #readyforschool campaign!